Video Surveillance

Remote video monitoring to protect against theft, burglaries, and dishonest employees.

Facility protection to protect the perimeter of the property or the perimeter of buildings.

Monitor operations to monitor day-to-day operations and as a tool to streamline operations.

Loss prevention to protect assets.

Vandalism deterrence: visible cameras may be a deterrent to vandals because of the possibility that they can be identified on the video. High-definition cameras with facial recognition in a durable, vandal-proof housing can be used.

Employee safety: for compliance with safety regulations and also to protect the employer in civil proceedings.

Parking lots: to monitor for theft or damage to vehicles as well as accidents.

Event video surveillance: for crowd control as well as crime prevention.

Public safety: routinely used for city streets, parks, communities, and neighborhoods to help deter crime and enhance public safety.

Traffic monitoring: commonly used to improve the flow of traffic and monitor for accidents.

Outdoor perimeter security: security can be maintained in different ways by utilizing video surveillance with security/protection officers on patrol, fences, vehicle, and pedestrian gates and intrusion detection.